Knee Braces for Football

Many people around the world will be tuned in to the Super Bowl tomorrow. As you watch the game, take notice as to how many of the players are wearing a brace on their knee/knees. In fact, the majority of the offensive lineman will be wearing braces. Some may be hard to detect, as they are covered by leggings and socks.

Knee braces that are worn to prevent an injury are called prophylactic braces. Tears of the ACL and MCL of the knee are some of the most common injuries in football and in the NFL. While braces have not really been shown to prevent an ACL tear, they have greatly reduced the incidence of MCL tears. Imagine the force on the knee of a lineman who has another 320 pound man fall and roll onto his knee. Let’s hope we all get to watch a great game with no serious injuries!