Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

There has been considerable information and interest over the past decade on the healing potential and benefits of platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections. The buzz has been accentuated by the stories of many celebrity and professional athletes that have made seemingly miraculous recoveries from injuries, with rapid return to competition.

With anything new in medicine, the science often takes considerably longer to show unrefutable evidence of efficacy. Treatment options for knee arthritis have included the use of PRP injections for several years. Dr. Pat Smith published a randomized, controlled study on PRP injections for knee arthritis in the American Journal of Sports Medicine in 2016. His results showed great efficacy in improving symptoms. I have attached his original article as well as a recent meta-analysis article, also from the American Journal of Sports Medicine, which also showed efficacy of PRP in the treatment of knee arthritis.

If you are experiencing symptoms of knee arthritis but are not or do want to be considered for a joint replacement surgery, PRP may be an option for you.

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