September 2021 Case of the Month

This month’s interesting case involves a 16 year old high school volleyball player with recurrent patellar instability, a symptomatic full thickness cartilage defect in her patella, and symptomatic loose bodies in her knee. She failed conservative treatment and elected to proceed with surgical intervention.

She underwent a right knee scope with loose body excision x 2. This was followed by a medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction using an autogenous semitendinosis tendon graft ( hamstring tendon ) and an 18 mm osteochondral allograft transplantation to the defect in the patella.

Her postoperative course will consist of weightbearing in full extension for 5 weeks, along with gentle and progressive knee ROM exercises. She will need approximately 4-6 months of rehab before returning to competitive volleyball.

I hope you enjoy this presentation.