What does a Cortisone Injection do for my shoulder?

 Cortisone is the generic name for a host of different injectable corticosteroids.  These substances have anti-inflammatory properties and can help reduce inflammation in the location of the injection.  They can be injected  into many different locations in and around the shoulder.  By helping to reduce inflammation, they also then provide pain relief.  Cortisone injections, however, […]

Can you explain the difference between a Shoulder Arthroplasty and a Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty?

When a patient develops disabling symptoms as a result of arthritis, tumor, or other condition that destroys the joint, a joint replacement can be considered.   Arthritis is the most commonly seen in the knee and knee replacements are then the most common joint replacement.  However, shoulder replacements are also available for patients that develop […]

I think I may have a Rotator Cuff tear. What are the common symptoms and findings of a Rotator Cuff tear?

While there are certainly patients that have a rotator cuff tear with no symptoms, most patients report an aching or throbbing discomfort along the lateral aspect of their shoulder.  The pain is worse and becomes sharper with activities overhead and away from the body.  Pain that awakens them at night is classic and very common.  […]

My shoulder still pops out after surgery. Is there anything else that can be done?

The simple answer to this question is, “yes”.  However, there are important facts with each patient that might indicate why a particular surgical procedure failed.  For some, recurrent instability can occur due to bone erosions and deficiencies on the socket or humeral head ( ball ).  Failure to address these areas can lead to failure.  […]

What is Frozen Shoulder?

 Frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis, is an ailment in the shoulder that is not completely understood.  It is more common in middle aged women and those with underlying endocrine disorders like diabetes and low thyroid hormone.  The condition can occur without any known injury or activity or can be precipitated by an injury or overuse […]

Can I shoot a gun after Shoulder Replacement surgery?

Following a shoulder replacement and recovery, the implants are very stable.  However, one must remember that the articulation is that of a metal “ball” on a plastic socket.  Activities that increase compressive and shear force on the artificial joint can lead to accelerated plastic wear of the socket.  Shooting high caliber rifles and shotguns that […]

How long does it take to recover from Rotator Cuff repair surgery?

 Patients with symptomatic tears of the rotator cuff are usually offered surgical repair of the tendon tear(s).  Tendon healing to bone is a biologic principle that, to date, cannot be accelerated with any medication, stem cell injection, or other treatment adjunct.  Clinical trials in humans as well as lab studies in animals show consistent findings:  […]