How long do Knee Replacements last?

 Many long-term outcome studies show that a well balanced and fixated total knee replacement can last 20 years in over 90% of patients.  While it will take another 20 years to determine if newer technology has led to longer survival, new technology like robotic assisted and computer aided real time implant positioning software assures perfect […]

Can I kneel after a Knee Replacement?

In a 2002 study, 75 patients ( 100 knee replacements ) were queried about whether they could kneel 6 months after a knee replacement.  Approximately two-thirds of the patients could kneel with little or no discomfort.  Approximately 25% could not kneel due to pain.  Over 50% of patients avoided kneeling because of uncertainty or recommendations […]

When will I be able to return to sports after ACL Reconstruction surgery?

There is no specific timeline for a return to sports after ACL reconstruction.  We know that the tendon graft takes many months to heal, remodel, and become a ligament.  6 months would be the earliest that a patient could return to cutting and jumping sports, but we use functional testing in order to determine if […]

When is it safe to return to sports after a Labral Repair surgery?

The labrum in the shoulder is a cartilage “ring” that is circumferentially attached to the periphery of the glenoid, or shoulder socket.  Tears of the labrum occur in different areas depending on the injury and diagnosis.  A return to sports after a labral repair is dependent on the sport or position, the potential for reinjury, […]

My shoulder still pops out after surgery. Is there anything else that can be done?

The simple answer to this question is, “yes”.  However, there are important facts with each patient that might indicate why a particular surgical procedure failed.  For some, recurrent instability can occur due to bone erosions and deficiencies on the socket or humeral head ( ball ).  Failure to address these areas can lead to failure.  […]

Can I shoot a gun after Shoulder Replacement surgery?

Following a shoulder replacement and recovery, the implants are very stable.  However, one must remember that the articulation is that of a metal “ball” on a plastic socket.  Activities that increase compressive and shear force on the artificial joint can lead to accelerated plastic wear of the socket.  Shooting high caliber rifles and shotguns that […]

How long does it take to recover from Rotator Cuff repair surgery?

 Patients with symptomatic tears of the rotator cuff are usually offered surgical repair of the tendon tear(s).  Tendon healing to bone is a biologic principle that, to date, cannot be accelerated with any medication, stem cell injection, or other treatment adjunct.  Clinical trials in humans as well as lab studies in animals show consistent findings:  […]